Monday, January 31, 2011

Mundane Monday!

Well, I will try to make this blog interesting since my day wasn't! Haha! I really do enjoy my days off work and school though. And with last week we got out for snow, all my homework is caught up! :) I did a little Valentine's day present making for my sweet husband while he was working! I came up with a creative idea of making a "picture book" for him ;-). Now, yall shush bc I don't want him knowing yet! I exercised about noon, then took a nap. I have such boring days sometimes. Aaron called me around 2:30 and we talked for a bit about tonight, whats for dinner, etc. I decided I didn't feel like cooking and so he said he would pick up dinner for us! We are eating Griff's again- can't get enough of that place. I love it so! They have the best baked potatoes and paninis ever, and at a great price. Anyways, I thought it would interesting, but meh.. it's not. I think later I may post a blog about WoW so everyone knows what it's all about- and maybe have more of an understand of why I like video games! God Bless!
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