Monday, June 27, 2011

Diet Day 1!

Well, it's been a while since I've blogged, but I have some interesting thoughts tonight so I will just throw it all in here, sorry if I ramble (I am carb and Caffeine deprived!)

Aaron and I have started the atkins diet. A diet consisting of (for the first two weeks) nothing but meats, cheese, oils, eggs, very few greens. As I read the book, it also says if you like Caffeine you should kick it at this point so you can wean yourself off of that as your weaning off carbs. So, we took our list, went to the grocery and loaded up! We spend about 20 bucks more than a normal weeks groceries (I wonder due to the amount of meats)... anyways, I did stock up on sugar free jello, heavy whipping cream, and sweet n low. I found a little recipe if you whip up heavy cream with sweetener and dallop on top of jello and its a nice little treat. Also, instead of like chips if I need a snack, Im gonna eat pork rinds (they have BBQ!!)  

So, today is day one of my diet- I feel really tired and grumpy. I crave a diet coke so bad, and I'm having a really bad headache. The vitamins I am taking are supposed to kick in within the next few days and help make me feel better!

I will write here what I ate today for each meal so you guys can get a feel for what exactly I ate today!

Breakfast- 1 hardboiled egg, 4 slices of bacon, a piece of mild cheddar cheese
Lunch- Chef Salad with egg, ham, bacon,cheese, homeade ranch, cucumber
Dinner- 2 steaks, 1 cup salad with ranch, 2 pieces of colby cheese
Snack- BBQ pork rinds and cheddar cheese stick
Snack #2- 1/2 cup heavy whipping cream sweetened and fluffed. (Like coolwhip).

I didn't feel hungry at all today, just really tired. I will post pics of my meals tomorrow I just forgot to bring my camera in the kitchen this time!

Also, good news- we are heading to Florida in less than three weeks!!!! I am so excited to be able to get away with my hubby and my in-laws are so sweet for inviting us along, they really mean so much to us!

I am still jobless @ this point, but I am taking time to carefully plan our dieting (hopefully for more success) and I look for jobs like 4 times a day, I am hoping something comes up soon. Really soon.

Life is going pretty okay right now, just struggling but doing it as best as we can!

This is a little milkshake thing (it has one net carb). It honestly tasted like strawberry flavored water, def will not spend 6.00 for 4 of these things ever. They were not good at all. lol.

This was SOOOOO worth the 64 cents!!! It tastes like a pina coloda!! :) It's got the fizziness I like about a coke, and the sweetness without the carbs, cals, or caffeine. I am glad I stocked up on these!

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Summer Dumps. =(

Welp, its summer! While I should be my normal happy go lucky self, ready to indluge in sunning with my mom by her pool and enjoying each moment of daylight I can, I am not. I am in a state of depression at the moment. I am more mad at myself than anything, and I don't think there is anything anyone can do to fix it. I am currently unemployeed, which me and not working isn't a good combination. I have to work. I have been not working for two weeks and I am already stir-crazy. I can only clean my house and re-organize so many times. LOL.  Anyways, ususally I don't feel this way this time of year but for some reason I do. Maybe it's the fact that I feel so alone most of the time anymore. Everyone has thier own families and friends to hang out with, and I mean I have Aaron after 7:30 pm most days so I am grateful for that but during the day I have no one, and I do is sit here and think, which isn't a good thing at all. I'm not one to sit and complain so this blog will be short. Just please pray I find a decent job, and am able to pull myself out of this slump I am in, it would really mean a lot to me. Thanks.

Ash :)

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