Saturday, January 29, 2011

Girls Night Out!

Tonight was girls night with Becky and Kristie! :)
We had a good time! We went to eat at Kyoto's and then headed over to the mall for some smelly goods from B&BW, and some video games for the guys at GameStop. I really enjoyed getting out of the house! On our last stop I got Jaina her new collar, and I chose pink for her because there were no other girly colors! Pics of the girls and thier new springy collars are below! Not much else to write except I got a sample scent of Bath and Body's new scent called Carried Away, it smells really good- but its not my Twilight Woods or Aromathearpy Sensual. But for 3 bucks for a lotion and body spray, wasn't a bad deal!!


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