Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New Recipe. =)

So, I'm always struggling to find new recipes that I like, and that fit our budget... but in the grocery I saw this new Philadelphia Cooking Cream, so I had to try it out. I didn't go by the little recipes on the box I made up my own... feel free to try it, it was delicious!! =)

I called it Penne Garlic Chicken!
(Step by step instructions)
1. Brown Chopped Onion in a pan with a little olive oil.
** GO ahead and boil your penne pasta now**
2. Cut up chicken tenders.

(I used the Tyson Trimmed&Ready Brand.)
3. Once onions are browned, add chicken cubes to pan.

4. Add your seasonings to your chicken.. I used the McCormick Italian Seasoning.
5. Once chicken is browned, then add diced tomatoes. (I used Great Value Italian Seasoned brand.)
6. Stir that around and let it simmer for a couple of minutes. (No more than 5.)
7. Add the Philadelphia Cooking Cream
8. Stir it around in the pan, I added a bit of garlic salt to it for oomp, until it's creamy.
9. Add cooked penne pasta to dish.
10. Stir noodles in, and add parm cheese and let simmer for about 5 mins.

                             I fixed some cheesy texas toast with, and it was delish! Enjoy!! :)

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Big & Beautiful- Got a Problem.... STFU & GTFO! =)

I'm at work last night, helping a lady pick out a pair of pants to fit her for her a funeral- she's a bigger lady, but she has a pretty face, and a wonderful personality. She's quite a bit larger, and shorter so it's hard to find something she is comfortable in. I am suggesting several different items for her, and she finds a couple of items that she seems to be okay with taking home with her. I tell her that we have some really nice longer tops over there (I gently show her the way to the racks where she will be pleased..) She goes over there, thanks me for my help, and starts picking out some tops! I then, make my way over to the borderline "fat" chick, who is demolishing my store at 6:00pm on a Saturday night....thats your first mistake. I ask her if she needs help, since obviously shes just jerking tops off the racks and throwing 120.00 dress around like they are from the dollar tree. She proceeds to tell me that she's "gettin married for the 3rd time" (I roll my eyes in my head) on Monday... (I roll my eyes again in my head.) How wonderful, getting married on Valentine's day....... right. So, I offer her to try on some of our newer dressy pants with a sexy little top with sparkles on it, since she is looking for younger merchansdise. After about 15 minutes of her not seeing anything, I ask why she doesn't try maybe Lane Bryant, or Fashion Bug- something younger, fresh, more fashion forward for her "age" (I still say shes probably 50.) She says her mom's got a "account" here so she's gotta buy it here. Okay, well.... you can use the card at our sister stores... Anyways, so I touch base back with the sweet older woman, and she nods with approval. Another few customers come in, I casually make my way to them for the greeting. I go back to the lady who "Can't find anything.." and when I come back she proceeds to tell me this.... I will actually write the conversation down here:

Her-  "You know, last time I was here I was told to leave because I was "making fun" of the clothes."
Me-  "Well, mam that is unfortunate but we don't tolerate any kind of making fun in our store.
Her- "I mean, I just don't understand why there is only a "fat ass" store. You are just telling people to eat and get fat as they want."
Me- "No mam, we are just catering to the full figured, CLASSY woman in the south. Women who have respect for themselves to not let themselves hang out of thier clothing, and still be in style."
Her-" Well I don't understand why there arent regular sizes"
Me- " Well to be honest, for this ONE plus sized store, there are about FOUR regular sized places to shop."
* At this point she grabs a shirt off the rack and holds it up to her*-
Her- "I mean see, look how HUUUGE you'd have to be to wear this"
Me-" Mam, there is nothing wrong with the shirt and Im sure that it will look amazing on another lady."

After this brief conversation, I am fuming mad- But I keep my cool as a manager type in the store, I make sure everyone sees that I am not mad (this can be SO hard..)  The problem lady trys on some pants, which dont fit her.. she continues to mess around the store.. Im at the register and I happen to see the other lady I was helping (the funeral lady) and she is hanging clothes back on racks and acting like she going to leave. I walk over to her, and she is nearly in tears from what the other woman had said about plus sized clothes. I comfort her and explain to her that she is obviously crazy, and there is nothing wrong with what she is buying and she will look awesome wearing it (and she would really.) The crazy lady ends up leaving buying her mom a pair of cheap pants... I look her up in the system afterwards... she's from Scottsville (I ROLL MY EYES HUGE THIS TIME.) I swear, some people from that town have NO class or respect for other people. Anyways, I ring the lady with the clothes for the funeral, hug her neck, and tell her to rock that outfit and not worry what other people think. Afterwards, the store is empty, and I am straightening. I think to myself.... WHEN DID I GET SO BRAVE?!  I used to be that girl. I used to be so self-conscious of my body- I felt like if I went anywhere no matter what I wore people just stared at my fat rolls, like I was some freak accident, like I had a third eyeball, or something. I know that people have a stigism against us "fat chicks". That all we do is sit around, watching TV and eating bon-bons. Well... for the longest time I felt so scarred and unworthy of myself because I was a big girl. NOT ANYMORE. It took me working in the place that I do to realize it's not true. I am loosing weight, but not to be skinny- for health reasons. I am OKAY with my being overweight. I AM BEAUTIFUL. I have a husband, who I must say, can't get enough of me ;). I have style, and I know how to dress my body. I don't try to be 21 and still wearing clothes that a 16 year old should. I dress like a WOMAN, not a teenager.

       I know people think I'm WEIRD because of who I am (I know you say it) but I honestly could care less what you think. I'm young, living my life to the fullest with my husband. A couple of other things I have to just put out there too- not directed towards anyone specifically just have to say it.

       Yes, I do WANT children- and I always have. I would love to experience motherhood, and pregnancy.. but it's not happened for me yet. I made a choice to not get knocked up while I was in high school, I wanted to be able to live life and have fun traveling, not to mention finish college and have a stable career to raise a child on. I want to be able to take care of my child on my own. I will not be the parent who drops thier children off to whoever, whenever. I will have my child with me at all times. Otherwise, why have them? I know being a parent is going to be the MOST rewarding thing I'll ever do- but if I can bearly take care of myself financially while take on something else before I'm ready?? I do have to say I know a couple of people who are amazing parents no matter what thier finances are. I think people forget (obviously since some of the people my age are acting like clowns out here) that when they have a child... they are not only responsible for feeding, housing,& clothing children- they have to make them into a responsible adult, and contribute to society when they are grown. Now, please tell me how you can do that for your children when you can't? Exactly. You can not. I'm not trying to knock anyone who has children and are my age, hey you can do and thats cool- thats your decision, your life, and I am sure you are wonderful at it, really. It's just not until about a year ago could I say I was really "ready" to have children. Well, this is a pretty long one so I'll call it for now.... sorry if I offended, wasn't meant for anyone directly, just how I feel.

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Saturday, February 12, 2011

2 down!!:)

This blog is gonna get personal (about our financial situation).

So, anyways- Aaron and I don't make a lot of money right now due to me being a fulltime student, so we mainly live off hubby's income (which by NO means is easy).

We must budget EVERY penny, literally. Like even down to grabbing a soda from the machine.

Anyways, I made some really bad decisions before we got married and I opened a couple of credit cards, maxing out the balance in a few short months. (TERRIBLE IDEA- NEVER DO THIS!!!!)

Anyways, needless to say I got in WAY over my head, especially for not working, and looking to the hubby to take care of all my bills... which is NOT fair to him. So- I took a job part time to pay off my bills.

As of TODAY 02/12/2011 I am debt free (except student loans) and I feel wonderful about it! I will not have another credit card in my name because simply, its not worth it. With technology and debit cards, there's a not real reason for Aaron and I to have a credit card. Anyways, this may being boring to some, but I can finally be debt free and we can start building our credit again, and start a nest-egg. :) :) :)

Praise God!!
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Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Night Blues =(

Ugh, Gotta work tonight. I am so tired of the snow, I am soooooo ready for the 60 degree weather!!

Going on a trip next weekend to Chattanooga with my sweet hubby for his 22nd birthday!! WooHoo!

Will add more later, just wanted to drop a little line.


Well, hey its after work and dinner. I had a pretty decent evening AFTER work. We ate at Red Lobster- it was good I got the Salmon/Crab Legs! Yummy! Saw this cute little snowman sitting on the window seal outside of the resteraunt....

Oh, here's a little picture of my girls chillin with me while I got ready for work. I love thier little faces!

Night guys!! ;-)

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Keep It Cute or Put It on Mute :)

Happy Wednesday to you all! I am writing a short blog before I head to work from class. Today has been unusual. I normally could care less about what people say, or what they think-but today is different for me. SO, I am sitting in class on Tuesday and I hear this girl in front of me complaining... what about- Im pretty sure everything. She got on my nerves SO bad that I had to text my friend Becky and let her know how annoyed I was. WELL, I have class AGAIN with her this morning, and let me tell you- she was even worse. I don't understand how people can be so rude, selfish, and downright hateful. If I wasn't just trying to finish my education and get a career started I probably would have spoken up and said something to her. I don't understand how for the life of me, that people consistantly stay in drama. I manage to live a drama free life, and don't say that shit follows you- because let's be real. It doesn't. Everyone has a choice in thier life, and you can control yourself and your life. I used to be into drama everywhere I turned, it was always something- but one day I woke up and realized how childish and stupid it was. (Even my family can be drama sometimes!!) I just choose to elimate myself from the equation. I don't see why other people insist on talking about others behind thier back, even about thier family and best friends. I have ALWAYS be the type of person- I will say it to your face, even if it hurts your feelings, if I mean it. I guess most people talk drama and about others because they are insecure about themselves and miserable in thier own lives. Life is so short, why not just turn your life around and make it better for yourself, it's the most gratifiying thing to be able to be happy with your life, and know that you created it! Meh, anyways... just a short little thought for the day. Valentine's day is coming up, and Aaron's being sneaky already... wonder what's in store... :) Little does he know, his birthday suprise will be MUCH better!! =)
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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Better late than never!

So, I guess I forgot that I should introduce myself on here: so I will take this blog space and do it now!
My past:
My full name is Ashley Nicole King-Painter.
I am 21 years young and live in Bowling Green, KY.
I was born an old child to my mother and father. (I do have half sisters and step sisters).
I was born at the old hospital in little Scottsville, and brought home to Bowling Green.
When I was 9 years old my parents divorced, and I lived between mom's and my grandpa's.
When I was 14, I met the LOVE of my life. We met in middle school (Moss Middle school!)
I was in the 8th grade and had just gotten out of my first "serious" boyfriend relationship. I was with him for 9 months and he decided to break up with me right before my 14th birthday. I met Aaron when it was closer to the end of the school year- we started flirting around March/April. He would tease me about eating ranch dressing on my fries, but would always bring me an extra cup (ha ha!) He "dated" my friend because he said he thought "I was too good for him". After he found out that I really liked him, he sat next to me at lunch everyday, walked me to my classes, held my books for me! He asked me out during our big 8th grade dance, while we were sitting in the cafeteria, he brought me a Dr. Pepper and asked me if I wanted to be his girlfriend. Of course I said yes (otherwise, I wouldn't be blogging here!!) Anyways, we shared a fun summer together being kids, having fun. I then had to go back to Greenwood for high school which was not fun. It was very hard going to a different school that your boyfriend/girlfriend especially in high school. My mom remarried and bought a house in Scottsville the end of my Freshmen year, so I was then uprooted to Allen County. When I moved there, I hated it. I came home crying like the first month of school. I met my first great friend, Rebecca Cook in Journalism class! She and I hit it off instantly, and became close friends fast! We share so many memories in just a short few years. From sneaking RC's from the old teacher's lounge, to running around the hallways "reporting" we were like inseparable. Then, she graduated and I had two years left of high school. All the time, Aaron and I stayed together, seeing each other after school and weekends. By the time I was a senior, Aaron and I both had jobs and he gradually started staying at my parents house, little by little- by the time he graduated he had more stuff at my house than I did and he lived with us. We graduated in 2007, a week apart. We were originally going to get married on our 5 year anniversary (May 9, 2007)- but my parents said I needed to be out of high school first. We then went right to college in the fall, both deciding it wasn't for us at the time. We both continued to work though. Finally, in November of 2008 Aaron and I tied the knot in Scottsville, on the 15th in a small church. It was a perfect wedding! Nothing changed after we were married- it was just nice to be able to rock his last name, and have a beautiful ring (that he picked out BTW!) In May of 2009, we welcome our first Pug let Lily to our family. She is like our child until we have one of our own. We also just welcomed a new puppy Jaina just a week ago. She's already adapted and spoiled. ;) I re-enrolled back into school in Sept of 2009 for school. I chose Paralegal studies, and I am almost done!! =D

My here and right now:
I am finally in a place in my life, that I love. I am okay with my life! I know in the past I have done some things I regret, I was a bad friend to my best est of friends, and I didn't like the person I was. I have let all of that go, and there is nowhere else to go but UP! Sometimes, I get stressed but I know I have some of the BEST friends a girl can have!!

My future plans:
I want to finish school, find a decent job, and most importantly START MY FAMILY!! It's no lie I have baby fever- I am loosing weight, and become more active so I can be healthy for a child. I hear motherhood calling my name very very soon! Also, I plan to build and make my marriage much stronger, not that it needs help... but any marriage takes work, hard work, and devotion. I look forward, SO forward to building the rest of my life with my best friend. He's my everything, my safe haven, my rock, my provider.


A short note before class...

Hello Tuesday, last day before I go back to work! I do have class today, but then it's free day to do whatever I want! I have an easy class today anyways, Critical Thinking- although the case studies make people get upset with one another and pretty much splits the room in two sides. LOL. Oh, and the simple joys in my life- Subways 5.00 footlong starts today for all of Feb. (I know where Im getting lunch!!) Anyways, just thought I was write a little Good morning note! =]
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