Thursday, January 27, 2011

Loosing a Friend. (Rant)

"Trust can take years to build, but only a second to break."
That quote pretty much sums up how I feel right now. I have lost a great friend over something that was very dumb. Over a game. It's so sad that you know someone for four years: you spend time talking with them, goofing off, having a good time together, hanging out. And one wrong misunderstanding and that person hates you. I have to keep telling myself that you know maybe it's really not me, its the other person. I don't have many friends or many people I trust in life, so when I do find someone I try to be the best friend I can be... but sometimes it's just not good enough. I feel like a lot of times I always put my heart out there and try to be a good person and I just get smacked in the face. I always try so hard to be a good person, I really do. I guess that you really can't trust just anyone and you have to be as coldhearted as you can be. I don't know. I still do have a few good friends, and I hope they will be there for me. I'm just at this point really done and over being screwed over. The only thing I can do from here is just pack up, leave the memories in the past, and move on. Life is way too short to spend it unhappy and dwelling on the past, I just needed to get this off my chest once and for all. I don' t know if he will ever read this but if he does, I hope he knows that I will never let him back in my life again, and I hope that he is happy that he threw away a friendship with one of the only people who would actually care about him, but not anymore. I could care less, and I don't feel sorry for him anymore. Now, I know why he stays lonely, and why he can't find a mate. I know exactly why now, and hate to say it.... he really kinda deserves it. Good night all.
"Moving on is simple, when you leave behind what makes it difficult."

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