Friday, March 18, 2011

Good News!

Hey guys!! I am feeling much, much better this evening! Things are turning around for me this week, even though it started terribly. I was sick with the stomach bug last sat-wednesday. It hung around FOREVER it seemed. And for those wondering, NO, I am not pregnant. I took tests, because my mom swore I was (she wants a grandbaby I believe...)lol. I was just down and out sick. But, I did find out that I got a fulltime job, with benefits! :) It's wonderful news to Aaron and I! I will be making really decent money, and will be able to take paid time off! Sooo exciting! I start in April, and I am going to stay at my second job because my boss begged me to stay so she could have good help in the store still. And hey, I still get my discount ;). It's no lie... I love clothes! Speaking of, Aaron and I are going to FL in July and I bought the CUTEST bathing suit!! It's a little swimdress, with zebra print on the top and black slimmer bottom part. It's so cute on, hides all the rolls. :) Anyways---   Jaina our puppy is growing up fast!! She's gotten the cutest little personality on her! I love her so much, but Lily is my sweet baby. For those who are pet owners, do you have problems with your pet when they are in heat? I'd like to know! Anyways, just wanted to write a short note to all your guys this evening. :) Love you all!
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