Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Keep It Cute or Put It on Mute :)

Happy Wednesday to you all! I am writing a short blog before I head to work from class. Today has been unusual. I normally could care less about what people say, or what they think-but today is different for me. SO, I am sitting in class on Tuesday and I hear this girl in front of me complaining... what about- Im pretty sure everything. She got on my nerves SO bad that I had to text my friend Becky and let her know how annoyed I was. WELL, I have class AGAIN with her this morning, and let me tell you- she was even worse. I don't understand how people can be so rude, selfish, and downright hateful. If I wasn't just trying to finish my education and get a career started I probably would have spoken up and said something to her. I don't understand how for the life of me, that people consistantly stay in drama. I manage to live a drama free life, and don't say that shit follows you- because let's be real. It doesn't. Everyone has a choice in thier life, and you can control yourself and your life. I used to be into drama everywhere I turned, it was always something- but one day I woke up and realized how childish and stupid it was. (Even my family can be drama sometimes!!) I just choose to elimate myself from the equation. I don't see why other people insist on talking about others behind thier back, even about thier family and best friends. I have ALWAYS be the type of person- I will say it to your face, even if it hurts your feelings, if I mean it. I guess most people talk drama and about others because they are insecure about themselves and miserable in thier own lives. Life is so short, why not just turn your life around and make it better for yourself, it's the most gratifiying thing to be able to be happy with your life, and know that you created it! Meh, anyways... just a short little thought for the day. Valentine's day is coming up, and Aaron's being sneaky already... wonder what's in store... :) Little does he know, his birthday suprise will be MUCH better!! =)
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