Sunday, February 13, 2011

Big & Beautiful- Got a Problem.... STFU & GTFO! =)

I'm at work last night, helping a lady pick out a pair of pants to fit her for her a funeral- she's a bigger lady, but she has a pretty face, and a wonderful personality. She's quite a bit larger, and shorter so it's hard to find something she is comfortable in. I am suggesting several different items for her, and she finds a couple of items that she seems to be okay with taking home with her. I tell her that we have some really nice longer tops over there (I gently show her the way to the racks where she will be pleased..) She goes over there, thanks me for my help, and starts picking out some tops! I then, make my way over to the borderline "fat" chick, who is demolishing my store at 6:00pm on a Saturday night....thats your first mistake. I ask her if she needs help, since obviously shes just jerking tops off the racks and throwing 120.00 dress around like they are from the dollar tree. She proceeds to tell me that she's "gettin married for the 3rd time" (I roll my eyes in my head) on Monday... (I roll my eyes again in my head.) How wonderful, getting married on Valentine's day....... right. So, I offer her to try on some of our newer dressy pants with a sexy little top with sparkles on it, since she is looking for younger merchansdise. After about 15 minutes of her not seeing anything, I ask why she doesn't try maybe Lane Bryant, or Fashion Bug- something younger, fresh, more fashion forward for her "age" (I still say shes probably 50.) She says her mom's got a "account" here so she's gotta buy it here. Okay, well.... you can use the card at our sister stores... Anyways, so I touch base back with the sweet older woman, and she nods with approval. Another few customers come in, I casually make my way to them for the greeting. I go back to the lady who "Can't find anything.." and when I come back she proceeds to tell me this.... I will actually write the conversation down here:

Her-  "You know, last time I was here I was told to leave because I was "making fun" of the clothes."
Me-  "Well, mam that is unfortunate but we don't tolerate any kind of making fun in our store.
Her- "I mean, I just don't understand why there is only a "fat ass" store. You are just telling people to eat and get fat as they want."
Me- "No mam, we are just catering to the full figured, CLASSY woman in the south. Women who have respect for themselves to not let themselves hang out of thier clothing, and still be in style."
Her-" Well I don't understand why there arent regular sizes"
Me- " Well to be honest, for this ONE plus sized store, there are about FOUR regular sized places to shop."
* At this point she grabs a shirt off the rack and holds it up to her*-
Her- "I mean see, look how HUUUGE you'd have to be to wear this"
Me-" Mam, there is nothing wrong with the shirt and Im sure that it will look amazing on another lady."

After this brief conversation, I am fuming mad- But I keep my cool as a manager type in the store, I make sure everyone sees that I am not mad (this can be SO hard..)  The problem lady trys on some pants, which dont fit her.. she continues to mess around the store.. Im at the register and I happen to see the other lady I was helping (the funeral lady) and she is hanging clothes back on racks and acting like she going to leave. I walk over to her, and she is nearly in tears from what the other woman had said about plus sized clothes. I comfort her and explain to her that she is obviously crazy, and there is nothing wrong with what she is buying and she will look awesome wearing it (and she would really.) The crazy lady ends up leaving buying her mom a pair of cheap pants... I look her up in the system afterwards... she's from Scottsville (I ROLL MY EYES HUGE THIS TIME.) I swear, some people from that town have NO class or respect for other people. Anyways, I ring the lady with the clothes for the funeral, hug her neck, and tell her to rock that outfit and not worry what other people think. Afterwards, the store is empty, and I am straightening. I think to myself.... WHEN DID I GET SO BRAVE?!  I used to be that girl. I used to be so self-conscious of my body- I felt like if I went anywhere no matter what I wore people just stared at my fat rolls, like I was some freak accident, like I had a third eyeball, or something. I know that people have a stigism against us "fat chicks". That all we do is sit around, watching TV and eating bon-bons. Well... for the longest time I felt so scarred and unworthy of myself because I was a big girl. NOT ANYMORE. It took me working in the place that I do to realize it's not true. I am loosing weight, but not to be skinny- for health reasons. I am OKAY with my being overweight. I AM BEAUTIFUL. I have a husband, who I must say, can't get enough of me ;). I have style, and I know how to dress my body. I don't try to be 21 and still wearing clothes that a 16 year old should. I dress like a WOMAN, not a teenager.

       I know people think I'm WEIRD because of who I am (I know you say it) but I honestly could care less what you think. I'm young, living my life to the fullest with my husband. A couple of other things I have to just put out there too- not directed towards anyone specifically just have to say it.

       Yes, I do WANT children- and I always have. I would love to experience motherhood, and pregnancy.. but it's not happened for me yet. I made a choice to not get knocked up while I was in high school, I wanted to be able to live life and have fun traveling, not to mention finish college and have a stable career to raise a child on. I want to be able to take care of my child on my own. I will not be the parent who drops thier children off to whoever, whenever. I will have my child with me at all times. Otherwise, why have them? I know being a parent is going to be the MOST rewarding thing I'll ever do- but if I can bearly take care of myself financially while take on something else before I'm ready?? I do have to say I know a couple of people who are amazing parents no matter what thier finances are. I think people forget (obviously since some of the people my age are acting like clowns out here) that when they have a child... they are not only responsible for feeding, housing,& clothing children- they have to make them into a responsible adult, and contribute to society when they are grown. Now, please tell me how you can do that for your children when you can't? Exactly. You can not. I'm not trying to knock anyone who has children and are my age, hey you can do and thats cool- thats your decision, your life, and I am sure you are wonderful at it, really. It's just not until about a year ago could I say I was really "ready" to have children. Well, this is a pretty long one so I'll call it for now.... sorry if I offended, wasn't meant for anyone directly, just how I feel.

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  1. I agree completely with everything!!!

  2. Thanks Becky, I just had to get it all out there this morning. made me feel better. :) Thanks for being such an awesome friend!

  3. First off, go you for not backing down to the VERY rude lady that was in your store. I'm not so sure that I would of been able to keep from telling her to leave completely. You handled that very professionally! =) Sadly, those ridiculous people can be found everywhere and not just in Scottsville. But with my job, I get put up with Scottsville's finest. Ha!

    I also agree with you about having children and being able to take care of them since they are your responsiblity. Although, some people that are young and get pregnant (myself including), then become single parents must fall back on their family. Which is a huge blessing. I work, go to school and have my daughter at times I just feel awful whenever she is having to stay with family because I am working an odd shift. Being a Mother is the most amazing feeling ever!