Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday Updates and such! :)

Happy Monday to all! :) I have had a bit of spare time this evening, so I am going to throw up a bunch of stuff I've meant to write about in the past couple of weeks, I just haven't had the time.

First of all, I redid my bathroom on the cheap (like seriously less than 30 bucks for everything) a couple of weeks ago, and when I went shopping I knew I wanted COLOR. Everything in my apartment was themed like black and beige, and most of it was gifts that were expensive from when Aaron and I had our little 1 bedroom flat apartment, with not a lot of room so all my stuff (bedroom included) went together. Anyways, so I loved daisies and I decided to redo my bathroom in such. I personally think it's cute... Aaron thought it was bright, but he's a guy. ;) Anyways, here's some pics of what I threw together. Hope you all like! :)

Okay, funny random little story. I was heading into work the other day, working for a coworker and I am running late (as usual), and I see this guy half naked on a moped.... weaving in and out of traffic without a care in the world. I started to freak out at first, then realized he was probably just enjoying his day off. lol. I did happen to snap a pic so you can maybe laugh too. ;)

Last weekend before this one, Aaron's mom took us to dinner at this place in Hendersonville, TN where her boyfriend lives. We've eaten at this place in Nashville and it's my FAVORITE place to eat when I'm down there, but anyways it's called Demo's. Thier food is delicious, and cheap as well. On this particular trip I got steak and chicken, with alfredo noodles. I know that sounds crazy, but they are known for thier free homeade bread, and the fact you can get any kind of spaghetti with any entree, so the possibilites are endless for what you order from there. Anyways, I also got a strawberry daquri too. (2nd drink I've bought since I was 21!) It was really good too!! Anyways, here's a sneak peak of my food, yes I'm the weird girl who always takes pics of her food. LOL.

Last but not least, I have to blog about my sweet puggies!! We took them to Dad's for a family cookout sunday. They had such a good time running and playing in the backyard, and just being outside in the yard. We ate good that night too, Aaron loves to grill- I swear he would grill every night if he could. Anyways, Lily Belle will be 2 years old in May, and Jaina Leigh just turned 4 months old the 15th! :)

And so I end another day, successfully writing my thoughts down and thank God for this wonderful day. Thanks for reading all, I appreciate it! :)
                               (No makeup, full of flaws.)                (But that's the beauty of life...)

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