Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Homemade Stuffed Peppers

Welcome April, I come to you with open arms! Lots of changes this month! :)
Anyways, today was my downtime day so I made a good homemade meal, one of my Granny's recipes with a few of my own techniques. Enjoy!!

What you'll need:
5-6 Green Bell Peppers (Preferrably tall wide ones)
Tomato Sauce
1 lb ground meat
1 cup rice cooked and fluffed
Mild Cheddar Shredded Cheese
Salt and Pepper
Olive Oil

1. Cut off tops of green peppers and clean out the inside seeds. DONT pull out the bottoms just pull the seeds out, the bottoms help keep the stuffing in.

2. Place peppers in a big pot of boiling water and salt (Use about 1/2 pan of water and put peppers in top up.) Cover to boil for about 5-10 minutes. You want them soft, but not mushy.

3. Drain water off the peppers, using tongs VERY gently remove peppers and place into a small baking dish or brownie pan with olive oil drizzled on the bottom. Sprinkle salt, pepper, garlic in the insides and rub gently on outsides as well. Set aside.

4. Cook rice according to box. After cooked and cooled a bit, add about 1/2 can of tomato sauce and about 1 cup of katchup. This is a personal preference on how you like it to taste. Also, sprinkle a bit of italian seasoning, garlic salt, pepper in as well.

5. Cook ground meat with onion until done, drain off excess grease and mix cooked meat with rice mixture. At this point I add more tomato product, a mixture of tomato sauce and katchup until it's the consistency I prefer.

6. Now, take a small spoon and spoon the mixture into each pepper very carefully. Fill them as full as you can without busting and all the way to the top, even a little over the top. Push down to fit more in to the pepper if need be.

7. Sprinkle tops of peppers with cheese, do this right before you put into the oven. (At this point you can wrap and freeze these for a later date, you can wrap up overnight for easier dinner prep as well.

8. Bake your peppers in a 350 degree oven for about 15 minutes until the cheese is melted and the peppers start to firm up again.

9. I served mine with fried potatoes, and Becky's brown sugar glazed carrots (which are delish!!). Enjoy. :) You can count on these being delicious and healthy, a great way for kids to eat veggies, and they are a pretty color too! :) 

Thanks for reading all. Xoxo

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