Thursday, July 28, 2011

Florida Family Vacation 2011

Painter Family Vacation!
So, on Thursday the 14th we headed down to our in laws in Memphis so we wouldn't have to drive that 4 hour trip Friday on top of a 14 hour drive to Tampa. We hit the road and was so ready for our trip! We spend the day with the family and left out Friday night in their van loaded down with all our luggage. (There was a total of 6.) We left at 9:00pm Friday night and got down there 12 noon Saturday. We stayed kind of outside of Tampa in Indian Rocks/Beach area. It was a remote place with several different condos around, but houses and small restaurants and surf shops nestled here and there. The name of the place we stayed at was called the "Beach Palms". It was really nice. We stayed in a 3 bedroom, and it was ocean front (walking distance to our private beach access), and had our own pool! It wasn't like a hotel it was an apartment that people could easily live in! I liked it much better than hotels I've stayed in, and honestly it was a better price as well. Here are some pics of the condo. :)
Access from the beach to the condo.

View from the ocean looking to the condo.

Living area, master bedroom, and patio.

Our bedroom for the week. :)

Condo again.

Last pic I took at condo. Front of the place.
So, after we got there Saturday we had to wait to check in so we went to the Saint Johns Pier/Boardwalk and walked around a bit. I got a cool necklace with an anchor on it, and some gifts for the family. :) 
Sunday through Friday we did several things, mostly just hung out on the beach, by the pool, and with each other. It was nice to be able to see them and do stuff with them. I wish we lived closer so we could do more things with Aaron's family, he loves them a lot but they are 4 hours away so it's hard to plan trips like that. We've decided more long weekends should happen with them though! :) Anyways, I took my very FIRST boat ride out the this island to explore (3 hours was a little long, my father in law started talking to the birds there, not sure if it was the heat, or just the crazy people around him :P). I also attended my first ball game to see the Yankees (and it was awesome!) If I had cable, I'd probably find them and watch them from home.. I really enjoyed it, and my mother would probably smack me for this since NO one in my family even likes sports ( I really enjoyed myself at the game!) We also went out to eat at our last night at Bubba Gump's ( related to the movie Forest Gump- they even asked us trivia as we ate our food.) They were a bit pricey, but it was nice to be able to eat outside by the ocean. The weather down there was PERFECT, nice and warm with few rainshowers and the ocean breeze to cool you off. It was nice, I could sooo live there someday. :) On the last day, we literally drug ( and I mean this) the boys to have thier pictures taken, you would've though we had given them shots down there or something!! LOL. Anyways, I will post pics of everything at the bottom for you to look through. As always, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy. Please feel free to comment (even if you aren't a member!) :) 
Aaron and I at the game.

The yankees at the pitching mound.

Jeter hitting a run. :)

View from our seat!

Jeter hitting again!

We won!! The guys lining up. :):)

Birds on the beach.

Adam (aarons brother) and friend Cole behind bars in a deserted fort.

Adam and Cole seashell hunting with bridge in background.

The pier to ride the boat.

The pier on the island.

View from the boat.

Crane staring at me, so I took a pic.

Bird on the water.

Dennis and Sherry waiting to ride the boat.


The boat we rode!

Beautiful. :) 
Aaron and his dad. :)

Aaron and I at Bubba's!

Beach pics. :)

My sweet hubby. :) Love this!

Adam, a great pic of Aaron's little brother!

The ocean. :)

Sunset on the beach, breathtaking. :)

Daytime on the pier. :)

Dennis and Sherry. :)

Candid pic of dennis and sherry. :)

Collage of vacation. :)

Another collage. :)

Our feet in the ocean. :) Oh, how I can't wait to get back there! 
God Bless Yall. :)


  1. I'm glad you had lots of fun, I love the pictures!!