Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Summer Dumps. =(

Welp, its summer! While I should be my normal happy go lucky self, ready to indluge in sunning with my mom by her pool and enjoying each moment of daylight I can, I am not. I am in a state of depression at the moment. I am more mad at myself than anything, and I don't think there is anything anyone can do to fix it. I am currently unemployeed, which me and not working isn't a good combination. I have to work. I have been not working for two weeks and I am already stir-crazy. I can only clean my house and re-organize so many times. LOL.  Anyways, ususally I don't feel this way this time of year but for some reason I do. Maybe it's the fact that I feel so alone most of the time anymore. Everyone has thier own families and friends to hang out with, and I mean I have Aaron after 7:30 pm most days so I am grateful for that but during the day I have no one, and I do is sit here and think, which isn't a good thing at all. I'm not one to sit and complain so this blog will be short. Just please pray I find a decent job, and am able to pull myself out of this slump I am in, it would really mean a lot to me. Thanks.

Ash :)

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  1. I hate that you feel this way, I'm sorry, you know I am always here for you and that I love you very much my ashy cole!!!